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Online Therapy

Online video counselling

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy offers individuals the opportunity to work through the mediums of video, audio, or e-mail through the internet. Online therapy has become increasingly popular as you can access it when it suits you and it can fit around your daily life.


Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service offers you emotional support from the comfort of your own home ensuring you have access to psychological therapies. This is beneficial for many people with disabilities and their carers who may struggle to access emotional and psychological support. It can allow those with speech difficulties to use different mediums in which to communicate. It can also benefit people with hearing difficulties as it can cut out the need for interpreters. Using different mediums may also offer individuals greater privacy to seek support. 

What Happens Next?

We will send an assessment form for you to complete to assess whether your issues can be supported by your chosen medium. We can support you to have this assessment in your first session if required. 

Not all issues are suitable for online counselling. If we believe that face-to-face or other means of support would be more appropriate We will endeavour to find you a suitable referral.


Video conferencing and audio calls are conducted via a link sent by your therapist. All the software we use is encrypted.

We recommend that clients use an encrypted email server for sending and receiving counselling e-mails. This helps to ensure confidentiality as emails cannot be intercepted by a third party. Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own e-mail we can make exchanges via password-protected documents.

Online therapy is only available to persons 16 and over.

If you are interested in trying out online therapy get in touch to see if this is suitable for you.


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