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Emotional Respite
Disability Counselling Service



Helen Rutherford MBACP Acrredited founded Emotional Respite in 2014 to provide specialist support to individuals affected by disabilities and illness. Support through diagnosis, illness, accidents resulting in injury and everyday living - not only the individual but also their family, partners and carers. Helen has brought together a team of disabled therapists to offer this specialist service who have an advanced empathetic understanding of disability and illness-related issues.

As a counsellor with a progressive disability, I am able to understand that you have to constantly readjust to do what you can to be independent as possible. Physical health and mental health are fundamentally linked as one affects the other. I personally believe that managing your mental health is the key to staying as healthy as possible. I think it is important for individuals to focus on what they can do, make goals, have a focus, challenge themselves, keep moving forward, and grow.

This service will tackle issues such as internalised ableism, loss, anxiety, low self-esteem, assertiveness, empowerment, coping strategies, depression, isolation, diagnosis, negative thoughts, anger, worry, hopelessness, oppression, progressive illness, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, guilt, independence, transition, and stress. It will also offer support to find practical solutions to everyday problems.

Helen Rutherford Founder of Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service
BACP Logo Registered member 65042

Meet the Team

Here is our team of highly qualified disabled therapists

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