Emotional Respite - Disability Counselling Service
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A safe and confidential space where you can talk and get support through:

  • Living with disability - whether you are the individual, a family member, a partner, carer          or a professional.
  • A diagnosis.
  • Long term or progressive illness.
  • Accidents that have impacted on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Emotional Respite offers a person-centred service delivered by a person with a disability with a deep understanding of disability and illness. Person-centred counselling aims to achieve personal growth and change within the individual by providing a confidential space of acceptance, genuineness, understanding and empathy.

Emotional Respite has a holistic view of disability and understands what may impact on your overall well-being. Society, the media, financial stress, care provision, health, and relationships are just some of the things that may impact on an individual’s psychological needs, physical needs and support needs.

Living with a disability can teach you a lot about life, about yourself as a person and about how resourceful you are. At times being disabled may feel unfair and you may have to face many obstacles physically and emotionally, overcome frustration, isolation and loneliness, and it can be hard to remain positive when you have to overcome things each and every day.

Emotional Respite has been created to help people through those difficult days as it’s not always easy to talk to the people closest to you for fear of upsetting them. Exploring thoughts and feelings takes courage and it can be scary for individuals to seek support when they need it the most. Counselling offers individuals a place to feel fully accepted and supported in a non-judgemental environment. Thoughts and feelings directly impact on your mood and ability to cope, therefore talking through these issues can help you to deal with your distress and encourage positive change.